About Me

I'm an aspiring game designer/developer, and currently learning about game development and design. In particular, I am passionate about creating meaningful and invaluable playful experiences. I believe that games can help individuals and influence their lives. It's not a one-stop, solve-all kind of solution to our problems, but it motivates, teaches, and connects us. Experiences shape lives, and I hope you agree with me too.

  • UI/UX
    Designing Web/App interfaces
  • Game Programming
    Unity Engine, C#, Java, C++
  • Stempia Academy (2015-2023)
    Teaching high school students programming, achieving certifications and prizes in competitions such as ACSL, Codequest, and USACO
  • USC 2017-2024
    Applied Computational Mathematics B.A.

My Projects


A board game made in a game design class as a mod for Up the River with 3 other students in USC with 52 cards and custom made figurines and art.


Rhythm Game

(In development)

A rhythm game made in OpenGL and C++ with being able to make your own beatmaps.



1. Aguile

Developed fully in Java. Designed and developed an application that helps keep track of which tasks need to be done when doing Agile style production and development.

Game Jams

1. Up to Gnome Good

Collaborated with others as a level designer and main programmer to develop a 2D puzzle platformer in Unity. Made for Open Alpha Game Jam Fall 2022 with the theme of "Mini".

2. My Friend Yumagotchi

Worked with 6 other designers of various disciplines to create a point-and-click horror game in Unity. Made for Open Alpha Game Jam Fall 2023 with the theme of "Toy".

3. Screwbeats

Partnered with another fellow programmer to create a rhythm game in Unity. Made for MEGA's April Fool's Game Jam 2023 with the theme of "Twisted".

4. Another Space Game

Led a team of 6 of various disciplines and skill levels to develop a 2D side-scrolling horror game in Unity. Made for MEGA's Newbies and Vets Game Jam 2023 with the theme "Cosmic".


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